Small Group Conversation

Knowing that learning takes place best in the context of community, The Next Christians Group Study materials were designed to take a group of people on a journey to rediscover the heart of the Gospel and its application to all of life. This six-week journey will give participants a clear vision for what it means to RESTORE. Participants will be challenged to be provoked to engage the brokenness around them while remaining grounded in community, their local church and the practices and disciplines that root them in an abundant life with Christ.

Getting started is simpleā€¦
  1. Gather a group of 6-10 people who want to discuss how their faith plays out in American culture.
  2. Each group leader needs one The Next Christians DVD Resource.
  3. Each participant needs one copy of The Next Christians book and The Next Christians Participant Guide.
  4. Small groups will meet together six times to watch each 15-minute DVD session and discuss what they have read and recorded since the previous meeting.
  5. Plan meeting times for a minimum of one hour and fifteen minutes.